cPanel WHM

cPanel WHM

How to uninstall cPanel

How to uninstall cPanel :

If you have only cPanel installed on your server then it is recommended to reinstall your Linux OS to run another control panel or to configure the server as plain LAMP server. If you just want to run any third-party software, other than cPanel on your linux server then here is an article from which provide information on uninstalling cPanel via Linux commands.


cPanel utility scripts (commands)

It becomes very easy to host and manage websites on the Linux server since there are lots of utility scripts available with the cPanel  system. Here is a list of some useful cPanel scripts (commands) you can use to manage your cPanel/Reseller accounts, domains, emails and other services without logging into cPanel or WHM GUI interface.

/scripts/addns – add a dns zone
/scripts/addpop – add a pop account
/scripts/addservlets – Add JSP support to a domain (requires tomcat)
/scripts/adduser – Add a user to the system
/scripts/buildeximconf – Rebuilds exim.conf
/scripts/chpass – change cpanel passwords (does not change all passwords)
/scripts/courierup – used to update/reinstall courier
/scripts/cpbackup – to backup accounts (if backups enabled) (–force)
/scripts/easyapache – recompile/upgrade apache and/or php
/scripts/editquota – used to manually set a users quota limit
/scripts/eximup – used to update exim to latest version – will overwrite any manual changes
/scripts/fixcommonproblems – fixes mailbox permissions, mailman, cgi scripts, ndc and quotas
/scripts/fixmailman – fixes common mailman issues
/scripts/fixndc – fixes rndc errors with named
/scripts/fixquotas – fixes quota problems
/scripts/fullhordereset – resets horde database to a fresh one – all previous user data are lost
/scripts/ftpup – used to update/install FTP server (pureftpd or proftpd) to latest version
/scripts/generatemaildirsize – generates new maildirsize for any or all users *(–help)
/scripts/initquotas – initializes quotas
/scripts/installzendopt – installs zend optimizer – thru phpextensionmgr
/scripts/killacct – terminate an account – make sure you take a backup of the account first
/scripts/killdns – removes a DNS Zone
/scripts/mailperm – fixes permission problems with mail directories
/scripts/makecpphp – rebuilds internal PHP from /var/cpanel/easy/apache/profile/makecpphp.profile.yaml
/scripts/mysqlup – used to update mysql to latest version specified in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config
/scripts/pkgacct – used to create an account backup
/scripts/phpup – used to update PHP only
/scripts/phpextensiomgr – Installs IonCube, Zend Optimizer, SuHosin & eAccelerator
/scripts/rebuildnamedconf – rebuilds /etc/named.conf with zones from /var/named/*.db
/scripts/restartsrv_$servicename – restart script for services
/scripts/restorepkg – restores an account from a backup file (pkgacct file)(must be in /home)
/scripts/runlogsnow – update logs of all users
/scripts/runweblogs – update stats for a particular user
/scripts/securetmp – secures /tmp partition with options nosuexec and nosuid
/scripts/suspendacct – suspends an account
/scripts/unsuspendacct – unsuspends a suspended account
/scripts/upcp – updates cpanel to the latest version (–force)
/scripts/updatenow – updates the cpanel scripts
/scripts/updateuserdomains – updates /etc/userdomains entries from /var/cpanel/users
/scripts/wwwacct – to create new accounts (wwwacct user password)

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